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You Deliver (Individual Sellers/Online Marketplaces)

Do you sell in an online marketplace, local “swip swap” or “buy/sell” group? Now you can offer delivery!

Physical/Traditional Businesses click here 
Online/eCommerce/Home-Based Businesses and Network Marketing/Direct Sales, click here 

Here’s how it would work:

  • You simply advertise our services to your buyers
  • Direct buyers to download our app at

It’s that simple! NO commissions, and quicker delivery time than relying on USPS, UPS, or FedEx; or having to wait until either you or the buyer can deliver/pick up. You can either opt to cover the delivery fee or pass it on to your buyers; if you pass it on to your buyers, there is no charge to you.

Benefits to you:

  • Potential increase in buyers of your items
  • Fewer to no “no shows” for pick ups, no need to deliver it yourself for those who can’t meet to pick up
  • A pickup/delivery service that is potentially FREE to you! Simply tell your buyers to visit or to download the app!

Benefits to your buyer:

  • Doesn’t need to pick it up
  • Supporting locals in need by using our delivery service. 5% of earnings go towards the Grocery Fund to help individuals and families in need.

When your buyers make a purchase from you, you have the option of charging the delivery fee and ordering delivery for them on your end through our app or ‘off-platform‘ option, or having them order delivery themselves. If you instruct your buyers to order delivery themselves, instruct them to download our app and fill in any info we need to pickup their order from you. The option you would choose in the app is “delivery only”. Current ‘delivery only’ fee is $20, higher for buyers outside the county. If you have a buyer who resides outside a serviced county, contact us for delivery fee to their area, if service is available in their area.

For buyers outside a serviced county, contact us.

For terms, see Individual/”Swip Swap” terms here.

Service/Partnership FAQ’S

1. Is there any setup on my end?
With current app, no. With the new app, yes. There are two options:

  • Your buyers order/pay directly through you for the item(s), and then order delivery through us providing order info for seamless pickup and delivery,
  • You order delivery for your buyers

2. Can delivery be ordered through by me to the buyer?
Anyone can download the customer app and order delivery. You’ll need to add a note to the order with the buyers info, and you will be charged the delivery fee; so you may want to add the fee onto the buyers bill (currently $20 delivery fee).
Or you can simply tell your buyer to visit or to download our app and order delivery themselves (recommended). (They must download the app through our direct link to be connected to our service)

Using our new platform, you will be supplied with a phone or tablet with the merchant app pre-installed or you can download the merchant app to your current device (Android only) or use the web app. With the merchant app, you will be able to place delivery orders for customers and be notified if a customer places an order themselves through the customer app.

The provided phone or tablet will require use of your business locations WiFi. The device is not required if you prefer, and are able, to download our app to your current tablet or other device used for delivery services.

3. Can I request specific delivery drivers?
Yes. As the team grows, you may request specific drivers to do pickup. If specific drivers are requested, the only time a different driver will show is when that driver was chosen by the buyer or if chosen driver(s) aren’t on duty. If you’d like to refer someone to drive on our team and request them for your location, you can send them to to submit an application.

For more info, send an email to

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