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Note: We are experiencing issues with our current platform host. The app MUST be downloaded via our download link to connect to us. If the download link does not connect you to us, please use the web version or our merch and appointments site to book services. We are currently working on building on our own app.

Red’s Delivery Services, getting started, is hosted on, and powered by, the dumpling platform (we are working on building our very own platform). To download the Reds Delivery Services app, visit or click the download button at the bottom of this page. App is available on Apple and Android. Be sure to use the (Apple iOS or Android) link on the app page to connect to us. If you experience issues downloading and/or connecting to Reds Delivery Services, see FAQ #4

We’re setting up the platform the best we can. As the platform continues building out, we’ll keep updating the app. But for most local shops that the host platform doesn’t yet list, you will need to use the “Request A Store” option to enter it in and begin shopping (see FAQ #1 for help locating the option).

  • Please include Address for store of choice
  • Restaurant pickup and delivery is under “Restaurant Pickup” in the app. For “Restaurant Pickup” you’ll be able to checkoff to have us order for you or state you already paid and submit order info so we know how to find your order.
  • If you shopped online and paid for a pickup order directly through a store app/website and just need delivery, you can use the “Delivery Only” option. Provide any order details we may need to pick it up.

Note: The platform our service is hosted on is still new and may have kinks out of our control (developers are working on updates). If you experience any issues shopping in the app, you have a couple options:

  • Use the “Write in a custom item” feature, or
  • Create an order/list with what you can so we have something to work with. As long as you open an order with at least 1 item, we’ll be able to update/shop. Then write/build your list on either AnyList (Android | Apple), Out Of Milk (Android | Apple), or Flipp (Android | Apple | Web) and under list sharing, send the list to and we’ll update your order on our end in the Red’s Delivery Services app. For help sharing your list, see FAQ #3.
  • If you have a preferred list making app, you may also use your preferred service. Text us at 386-272-3256 or in our app to let us know how you’re sending your list so we can download your preferred service.
  • Or you could use our Off-Platform Delivery option.

The app will show national average prices. Don’t worry, you’ll only pay the in-store prices. The aggregated prices are just to give you an idea of what the total may be. The app is primarily for list making so the team knows what to pickup. You will only be charged the finalized total on in-store prices plus delivery fee.

Powered By dumpling
Click to download app

New App:

The app will have all the same functions, and more, as our hosted app. Is it currently under construction but almost ready for launch. To speed up launching, we’re offering discounts on our services to help us fill our database; you may also help us speed up development by donating to the database creation (all donations go to the Personal Concierges that are going store to store taking photos of items and collecting prices to upload to the database and each stores item list). No donation is too small. Click Here to leave a donation

To help build our database and qualify for a discount, send the following to

  • Image of product(s) (preferably on all white background)
  • Name of product
  • Current price of product 
  • Store product (image and current price) is/was located in

To qualify for a discount, you must submit a minimum of ten (10) items per store. The more items you submit, the higher the discount you will receive. 

We appreciate your help. When new app is launched, links to app on Google Play and Apple App Store will appear on this page.

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